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Crippling Joint PainWith the
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Unprecedented relief for aching knees, hips, shoulders, joints.
So powerful, it could make joint discomfort obsolete.

New NuvoFlex!
Clinically-proven superfood to relieve stiff, sore joints by nearly 70%*, according to the Journal of Aging Research and Clinical Practice (1)

The result? 
Dramatic joint comfort and relief. 

  • Helps relieve nearly 70% of pain* by fixing an invisible superfood deficiency (1)…
  • Helps revive and preserve cartilage  to close up joint space…
  • Helps activate stem cells so your joints feel like new.

It must work wonders for you, or it’s FREE

Root Cause #1 of joint discomfort

The superfood deficiency that 
starves your joints 

A hidden cause of joint deterioration…joint pain…and muscle stiffness.

As many as 9 out of 10 patients who consume this superfood are getting unprecedented relief from their debilitating joint agony, according to The Art of Getting Well (2).
Sadly, 90% of Americans don’t get enough of this superfood from their diets—and this is one reason why we have a 20% risk of developing serious joint problems.

Same goes for the islands of Mauritius and Jamaica, where 50% – 70% of residents deal with damaging joint problems. Even the dogs there limp, according to Revue, The Newsletter for Practitioners (6).
Look what a deficiency in this superfood did to this palm tree. 
Could the same thing be happening to your joints?
Compare that to Israel, where people living there consume much higher amounts of this superfood. The result? Only 0.5% of Israelis suffer from agonizing joint problems, according to The Art of Getting Well.

What is this amazing superfood? An extraordinary rare food form of boron. According to a recent bone analysis study, people suffering from painful joints have only HALF the boron content of those with healthy joints (3). 

Higher Superfood Levels, 
Lower Joint Pain Rates 

Now, get an advanced “food form” of boron that science has made even better than typical boron…

Miracle Superfood Relieves Agonizing Joint Pain by Nearly 70%* 

reports the Journal of Aging Research and Clinical Practice (1)

Over 250,000 people have used it with stunning success, yet now it’s even better!
Boron has been proven to be highly effective in quelling joint discomfort according to the Art of Getting Well (2). Yet now, scientists have found something even better.

It’s a unique “food form” source of boron called FruiteX-B®, and it’s a patented superfood complex of boron, calcium and natural fructose that’s causing a revolution in joint health treatment.

What makes FruiteX-B so special is it delivers boron EXACTLY how it’s found in fresh and dried fruits, legumes and nuts grown in boron-rich soil—to give you ALL of boron’s joint soothing, pain-relieving power as God intended.
Unlike regular boron, FruiteX-B® has the unique ability to get inside cells to
promote key functions of healthy, pain free joints. The result? Agonizing joint pain relieved by nearly 70% (1)*.

The proof? In a clinical study published in the Journal of Aging Research & Clinical Practice, 121 subjects with knee discomfort took 216 mg of FruiteX-B once a day…or a placebo. The results for those taking this special boron?
  • Pain relieved by 23% at 7 days*
  • ​Pain relieved by 49% at 30 days* 
  • ​Pain relieved by 61% at 60 days* 
  • ​Pain relieved by nearly 70% at 90 days (1)*
Now, get 216 mg of this advanced food form of boron in each serving of 
NuvoFlex: Pro-Collagen Joint Comfort.
BONUS: NuvoFlex featuring FruiteX-B delivers quick pain relief.
Clinical studies show you can get relief in as fast as 7 days.
Root Cause #2 of joint discomfort

Loss of joint space
means crushing pain

If your knees, hips, shoulders and/or hands ache, chances are good you’re suffering from loss of joint space. Take a look at these knee x-rays…
Loss of space
See the normal joint space on left, and the narrowing joint space on right? The less space you have, the more “bone-on-bone” pain you’ll feel.

To restore joint space and ease joint discomfort, you need an abundance of healthy collagen. Collagen fibers make up 70% of cartilage and are what give it structure and strength. In fact, some types of collagen are stronger than steel!

ABC News hails collagen as “the fountain of youth,” and the secret that “keeps your joints young, moving properly and well cushioned without pain. And it adds, “without collagen, we would be a sack of nothing.” 
Problem is, we begin to lose 1% of our collagen per year starting in our mid-20s. What can you do? Fix it with collagen pills or powders? NO! There’s one BIG problem with the collagen most people take that no one is talking about.
According to the Mayo Clinic, “the collagen most people take doesn’t get into your joints.” So the typical collagen you’ve been taking may be actually worthless. The good news is…

The Collagen Secret for “Cushy Cartilage”  

NuvoFlex is fantastic for collagen in a way far better than most people take it.
The new NuvoFlex helps build and preserve your collagen in two ingenious ways…
  • By slowing down the destruction of collagen
  • By stimulating your body’s own production of collagen
As you age, diet, wear and tear and a few extra pounds can cause changes in your joints. As a result, enzymes known as “matrixmetalloproteinases,” or MMPs, increase. These MMPs actually “eat away” at your collagen.

This is why NuvoFlex includes a second key ingredient, Amla Fruit Extract. Recent research shows that Amla fruit extract blocks the collagen-destroying MMP-1 enzyme by as much as 80%.(5)
Amla extract also inhibits MMP-3, the enzyme that degrades collagen II, the most prevalent collagen in your joint cartilage. It’s “damage control” that keeps your cartilage healthy and in good supply.

Plus, Amla stimulates your body’s own production of collagen, doubling, even tripling key collagens like…
  • Collagen I, the most abundant protein in your body that provides structure to your fibrous cartilage, tendons, connective tissue, bones and skin
  • Collagen III, which supports the structure of your muscles, organs and arteries.
This new supply of collagen helps rejuvenate your joint cartilage to youthful-like levels so you can walk, move, bend and flex with newfound freedom.
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Why popular joint treatments often FAIL

If glucosamine, chondroitin, fish oil, MSM or Boswellia serrata are falling short or failing to relieve your pain, we now know why.
New research from The Mayo Clinic and the American Journal of Biomedical Sciences reveals they don’t address three root causes of joint discomfort. These include…

1) The invisible mineral deficiency that starves your joints. A boron deficiency can cause joint deterioration…joint pain…and muscle stiffness.
2) Loss of joint space due to cartilage erosion. Cartilage is your body’s shock absorber. As it thins and deteriorates, your risk of bone-on-bone pain rises dramatically. 
3) Faulty adult stem cells. You need a full supply of adult stem cells for rejuvenating  joints, collagen and cartilage. But by age 65, you can lose as much as 90% of adult repair stem cells, and the stem cells you do have are not that responsive.

Now, for the first time, a brand new natural breakthrough formula—NuvoFlex: Pro-Collagen Joint Comfort addresses all three of these problems with a multi-faceted approach to give you superior joint comfort and relief .

The breakthrough that boosts collagen by up to 600% (4) and revives youthful cartilage

Root Cause #3 of joint discomfort

The stem cell miracle extract that boosts cartilage by up to 800%

Helps your joints feel young again safely, naturally and without worry (4)
The media is buzzing about stem cell therapy to reduce joint discomfort.
  • “Stem cells target inflamed tissue and produce anti-inflammatory agents.”—Stem Cell Institute
  • ​Stem cells are “one potential option to repair a damaged knee.”—Cleveland Clinic
  • “Many doctors use stem cell therapy to treat joint pain.”   —
Stem cell are incredible. Each of us are born with a stockpile of these  miraculous little cells. But as you age, your stem cells start to vanish.
You have 100% of your adult repair stem cells at birth. But by age 65, that number plummets by 90%. Your joints creak and ache because your adult stem cells are getting old and depleted!  
Now, the new NuvoFlex breakthrough makes the miracle of stem cells nutrition available to you without doctors or high-priced injections.
NuvoFlex helps stimulate the production of cartilage by increasing your adult repair stem cells AND by activating cartilage-building stem cells (called chondrocytes) in your joints. 

It's all possible with a stem cell advance called Icariin, derived from an herb prized in Chinese medicine known as Epimedium.

Look at how cartilage stem cells skyrocketed when researchers added Icariin to lab cultures of joint cells…
  • After just three days exposure, the number of cartilage stem cells increased 200%
  • After just 14 days, the amount of type II collagen increased a whopping 600% (4)
  • And after just 21 days, there was a mind-blowing 800% increase in cartilage (4)
Order now to request your risk-free trial of NuvoFlex: Pro-Collagen Joint Comfort. It must work wonders for you, or it’s FREE.

NuvoFlex revives joints and cartilage in 
3 different ways rather than one…

Many popular joint relief products only address one or two aspects of joint discomfort. 

NuvoFlex is the only formula of its kind giving you comprehensive relief because it addresses pain from multiple angles…
  • Advanced Joint Nutrition: This special food form boron delivers ALL of boron’s joint-soothing, pain-relieving power as nature intended. Ingredients clinically proven to relieve nearly 70% of pain (1)*.
  • ​Collagen/Cartilage Stimulation: A unique medicinal plant slows down, even reverses, the destruction of collagen AND stimulates your body’s own production of collagen. All to help rejuvenate cartilage and close up joint space.
  • Stem Cell Activation: By age 65, you lose 90% of your adult repair  stem cells. Yet a little-known herbal powerhouse activates stem cells so your joints feel like new again. Up to an 800% (4) increase in cartilage? Yes! 
No other formula is more powerful or comprehensive than NuvoFlex. For the best
relief you’ve ever felt, order now. It works wonders for you, or it’s FREE!
The special food form boron found in NuvoFlex has been shown to deliver nearly 70% pain relief (1)* —a number unheard of in natural medicine.

Nature’s soothing pain relief

  • 40 Years of Research
  • 20 Human Clinical Studies
  • 27 International Scientific Publications
  • ​20 Patents and Patents Pending
NuvoFlex is powerful and comprehensive
For the best relief you’ve ever felt, order now. 
It works wonders for you, or it’s FREE!

With NuvoFlex relief, 
 everything in life is better!

Living in pain is no way to live. It’s the kind of suffering that can make you feel like a prisoner.

Yet with NuvoFlex’s unique ingredients, you get the most powerful relief proven in clinical studies, unmatched by glucosamine, fish oil and other so-called “solutions” for joint pain. That can mean…

The new 30-second solution

For MORE soothing
joint pain relief

…by doing what Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Fish Oil can’t do!

  • Helps relieve pain by fixing the invisible deficiency of boron that can doom your joints
  • Helps prevent the breakdown of collagen and revives cartilage to close up joint space 
  • Helps activate adult repair stem cells to help your joints rejuvenate and repair themselves
It’s all possible with its unique ingredients…
›› FruiteX-B® calcium fructoborate: The patented, exclusive food form  source of boron that delivers ALL of boron’s joint-soothing, pain-reliving power as nature intended—with relief starting in just 7 days. 
›› Amla fruit extract: A key medicinal plant used in Ayurvedic medicine that inhibits collagen-destroying enzymes and stimulates collagen formation in  cartilage cells so you can move, bend and flex with newfound freedom. 
›› Icariside-II: Derived from an herb prized in traditional Chinese medicine known as Epimedium, it activates articular cartilage cells and boosts collagen by up to 600% and cartilage by up to 800% in cell cultures (4) to help your joints feel “reborn.”
›› Vitamin C: A special ingredient essential for collagen synthesis to support healthy joints, cartilage, hair, skin and nails.
Bottom line: NuvoFlex: Pro-Collagen Joint Comfort gives you an unprecedented level of relief for painful knees, hips, shoulders, fingers, back and joints—all in just one 30-second serving a day.

Frequently Asked Questions about NuvoFlex

Q: What makes NuvoFlex different and better than glucosamine, fish
oil, Boswellia serrata, MSM and other natural joint relief supplements?

A: NuvoFlex’s unique ingredients work on a whole different level to combat joint pain and stiffness. They help relieve joint aches and discomfort by nearly 70% (1)* …rejuvenate youthful cartilage…boost adult repair stem cells…and inhibit the destruction of connective tissues.

Q: How soon will I start feeling relief taking NuvoFlex?

A: Individual results may vary, but some people suffering from painful joints got relief starting in just 7 days. 

Q: What type of joint problems will NuvoFlex help soothe?

A: Since NuvoFlex’s ingredients work to protect and boost your joints, collagen and cartilage, it can help bring relief to all of your joints: Knees, hips, shoulders, hands, fingers and back.

Q: What type of clinical research backs up NuvoFlex’s ingredients?

A: Multiple clinical studies verify the power of these unique ingredients, proven to
bring relief to people suffering from joint pain and discomfort. Plus, over 250,000 people have used the unique boron food supplement with as much as a 90% success rate alleviating pain (2).

Q: Do I need a prescription to take NuvoFlex?

A: NuvoFlex is available to you without a prescription or without a doctor.

Q: What’s my next step?

A: Try NuvoFlex risk free. Order here. NuvoFlex works for you or it’s FREE. Please order now, as it’s first-come, first-serve and demand is expected to be significant.
A Whole New Level of Relief,
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Your results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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